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Quick plumbing service-Water heater repair and installation

Quick Plumbing Services is a customer focused water heater repair and installation company serving Northridge.

We serve residential and commercial customers and it is our commitment to deliver honest and high-quality service. Thus, if you have an existing water heater system that is not serving you well or you need a new water heater system installed. Then we are the water heater service provider you have been looking for.

Our professional plumbing services come with experienced and well-educated plumbers. So when you consider Quick Plumbing Services Northridge, you can be sure that we will deliver what we promise

At Quick plumbing services, we strive to provide our customers with the same-day water heater installation and repair services. You can also contact us when you need an upgrade of the existing water heater system.

Our professional plumbers will advise you on the best water heating system that will meet your requirements.  Here are some of the qualities that define Quick plumbing services when it comes to Water heater system installation and repair services.


We guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction

At Quick plumbing services, it is our commitment ensuring that the customer is served better each day. In line with this commitment, we deliver high-level workmanship and remain focused on 100% customer satisfaction. We will deliver to your expectations and make sure that we test the system before the final handover. For the years that we have been serving Northridge customers, we have received hundreds of accolades and referrals that is a gesture that we deliver the best services.

Contact Quick plumbing services today and enjoy an outstanding service delivery. It is our commitment to serving you better every day. We also seek to understand our customers’ requirements and deliver to satisfaction. For a free estimate or general inquiries on the services that we offer, call us now on (818) 488-6471


We will deliver High-quality Water Heaters

At Quick plumbing services, it is our commitment to deliver high standard water heating systems. Having been in the industry for a long time now, we have the required experience to distinguish genuine long lasting water heating system equipment from the counterfeits. This means that by choosing to work with Quick plumbing services, you will not only receive a fast and reliable response from our team, we also protect you from the not genuine water heating system equipment. At Quick plumbing services, we will save you thousands of dollars, as our high-quality water heating equipment will serve you for years. There will be no need to spend money on back-to-back repairs; you will just need to do regular maintenance.


We offer our customers free estimates

Are you planning to install the water heating system in the near future? At Quick plumbing services, we are willing to give you a free estimate in order to help you plan the finances better. Our qualified water heating system engineers will inspect the location where the installation is to be done and offer you a free estimate. If you need a free estimate for water heating repair service, we will be glad to serve you.